Day seven

Ran Glasgow half marathon (Great Scottish Run) with Ranald and Euan.


  • Euan:   1:51:00
  • Me:     1:55:50
  • Ranald: 1:55:59

My 5km splits from the watch:

  • 5km:    26:29
  • 10km:   26:56 (0:53:25) includes 1 minute toilet break in Bellahouston Park.
  • 15km:   26:35 (1:20:01)
  • 20km:   28:20 (1:48:21)
  • 21.1km:  7:22 (1:55:44) total distance of 21.3km on watch.

The boys

The route
Elevation profile

Cycled to Tesco to buy some reward food.

Day six

Swim with Graeme at Tollcross. Met Allan and John.

Driving round Cumbernauld – put petrol in the tank.

Cleaning up and getting bedding ready for the arrival of Ranald and Euan.

Walk to Tesco with R and E to buy food for dinner (pasta).

Day five

Arranged car insurance, then went to pick up car at lunchtime.

Went for easy swim at Tollcross with Graeme in the afternoon.

Had to go back to car’s previous owner to sign the paperwork to transfer ownership to me. Popped into dad’s.

day three

Hazy sun in the afternoon.

Went for a cycle round Cumbernauld in the afternoon.

Ran with Graeme in the evening. Went to see the new piece of sculpture behind Eastfield Cemetery next to the A80.

Dave’s photograph

Made arrangements to view a Kia Picanto tomorrow evening.

Old holiday diary

While on holiday I like to keep a diary of what I did.

Saturday 20th December 2003

Booked in to the accommodation this afternoon, went shopping, and walked to the beach (~20mins). Stony beach no use for running on – will need to swim both up and down the length of the beach.

Went for a run (started ~16:45) up the hill to see if I could find a path that might take me all the way up. Lots of dead ends but a very enjoyable run anyway. On the way down the hill, headed for the beach. Tested the water temperature – seems very cold. Took ~6:30 to run from beach back to hotel.

Total run time: 1:06:13

Sunday 21st

Slept late and missed the induction, and did the shopping.

Went for a swim. Beach is too stony to run on bare foot. It is very difficult even getting in and out of the water.

Swim: ~15:00, Run: 14:03

Had a closer look at the maps (aerial photos with routes drawn on) in the reception. I followed the back roads up the hill until I couldn’t see any other route but back down the hill (running in the dark).

Run: 43:15

Monday 22nd

Legs tired after last two days’ runs. Got map from reception and went to the tourist information centre for more information.

Went for swim in the late afternoon.

Took a walk up to the place where the paths take you up the hill.

Tuesday 23rd

Wind is stronger today – quite a cold wind (northerly?) – and the air temperature has dropped. The stronger wind has increased the swell in the sea, so decided not to swim today. Walked to Altea to have a look at the church on the hill.

Wednesday 24th

Ran up the hill and along the ridge and back down a road (past the quarry) which brought me back (just about) to the accommodation. Noticed another trail which takes you further along the ridge. The maps in the reception suggest you can go all the way along the ridge to Benidorm. The wind has dropped slightly and the temperature has risen – a warm day.

Run time: 1:10:00, including 40:00 up hill.

Went for a swim. The difficult part was getting in and out of the water because the waves are still large – it hurt my feet trying to keep my balance on the stony beach. Once I got out past the waves, the water was calm enough to swim. I could feel and see the waves pass as I swam. Ran on the back roads (residential area) to and from the swim.

Swim time: not long. Run time: ~21:00

Thursday 25th

Ran to the lighthouse (Faro d’Albir). Another sunny, warm day. On the run back I caught up with a Spanish girl called Isabel, and we started talking. She is studying English for a year in Bournemouth. She comes from Salamanca – her mother moved to Alfas del Pi a few years ago. When we split up she kissed me on both cheeks saying it was traditional in Spain, when you were saying goodbye, to do this.

Too lazy to swim today – walked to the beach – waves still quite high.

Run time: 47:45.

Friday 26th

Slightly cloudy today. Ran up to the antenna again (~40:00), then along the ridge and down into Benidorm. The path was undulating and very steep in places. It was a tough long run, but wasn’t too warm because of the high cloud. Didn’t like the brief look at Benidorm – a typical holiday resort. Though it did have long, large sandy beaches. Plodded back to the accommodation along the road from Benidorm.

Walked to the beach later – the water was looking a bit calmer.

Toenails are getting too long; I forgot to cut them before leaving. A good enough reason to go home.

Saturday 27th

Waiting to go to the airport in the afternoon.

Packed my bags and went and sat dozing on the beach all morning.